Every year, we provide two types of scholarships: Student Academic and Travel Scholarships.  

1) Academic Scholarships   Celebrating 21 years of Student Scholarships!   1995-2016  

Each year since 1995, Ohio SOPHE scholarship committee has awarded between 1-3 student scholarships to students from all over the state of Ohio. The purpose of the Karen H. Evans Memorial scholarship is to recognize and support community and public health education students who exemplify academic excellence, leadership and community service.  This scholarship serves as a tribute to, and in honor of, the many contributions Dr. Karen Evans made to the Ohio Society for Public Health Education (SOPHE), the field of Health Education and Health Promotion, and to other agencies and organizations such as the Ohio Department of Education and the Association of State and Territorial Directors of Public Health, which awarded her the Health Promotion Medal of Excellence in 1988.

Karen H. Evans, Ph.D., was Chief of the Bureau of Health Promotion at the Ohio Department of Health at the time of her death.  Under Dr. Evans leadership, the annual Comprehensive School Health Conference and the annual Health Educators’ Institute were developed.  During her years with the Ohio Department of Health, Dr. Evans also initiated the Healthy People 2000 Data Capacity Assessment Initiative, served as a consultant for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Health Risk Appraisal, and provided strong leadership to public health promotion and education. 


 2015 Undergraduate Student Scholarship Awardee – Grant Serendick


Grant Seredick is a junior majoring in Public Health at Otterbein University. He tries to stay involved in the community by participating in educational events for Somalian families in the Columbus area. Educating people on different health topics, that may help improve their quality of life, has been extremely rewarding to Grant, and it is what has attracted him to Public Health. As an Eagle Scout, community service was always important for him growing up and Public Health gives Grant the opportunity to continue to help people in the communities around him. 





2015 Graduate Student Scholarship Awardee – Andrea Costin

Andrea is very thankful to be named the recipient of the 2015 Karen H. Evans Memorial Scholarship. Andrea found inspiration to work with community health issues from her internship experience within the Right-to-Know Program at the Ohio EPA, where she helped to solidify their hazardous material database as part of Ohio's emergency preparedness plan. She was proud to contribute to this public health work. From her experience as a volunteer in the House of Representatives, she learned that she can make the most impact by meeting with community members directly. After graduation from The Ohio State University with her master's degree, Andrea intends to find a job that prioritizes contact with community stakeholders in resolving their health needs. She is applying to be a Legislative Service Commission Fellow, where if accepted she will understand more comprehensively how to become a public servant for the state of Ohio. After more experience through a fellowship, she aims to work in a regulatory agency (such as ODH, Ohio EPA, ODOT, etc.) where she can help lead their public health initiatives that involve consultation from community stakeholders. Andrea is primarily interested in public health work that either aims to lower health disparities within a community or is involved with emergency preparedness. 


Questions?  Email Sarah Krygowski, Scholarship Committee Chair, by clicking HERE.

For the 2016-17 School Year Applications and Instructions, click HERE


Tessa Elliot (Undergraduate Student – University of Toledo)
Erin Krafka (Master of Public Health student, Wright State University)
Megan Glynn (Undergraduate Student – Community Health Services, Ohio University)
Ashley Merianos - (Ph.D. Candidate, U of Cincinnati)
Nichole Hodges (Ph.D. Candidate, Ohio State University School of Public Health)
Ashley Roberts (Undergraduate Student – Community Health Services, Ohio University)
Adam Knowlden - (Graduate Student – Ph.D. Candidate, U of Cincinnati)
Amy Nagle (University of Toledo, BS in Community Health Education)
Erin Smiley (Wright State University, MPH student) 
Jamie Fisher Belcher (University of Cincinnati, BS in Community Health)
Sara Pappa (University of Cincinnati, Ph.D. Student) 
Lauren Graham (Miami University Undergraduate, BS in Health Studies)
Ashley Townes (University of Cincinnati, BS in Health Promotion and Education)
Kristen Force (Ohio State University, MPH student)  
Amanda Michaud (Youngstown State Univ. Undergraduate) 
Ashley Berberich (University of Cincinnati, Masters of Education student) 
Janine Faber (University of Cincinnati, Masters of Education student) 
Dottie Meymann (University of Cincinnati, B.S. Health Promotion/Education)
Brandy Reeves (Ohio State Univ. MPH student) 
James Carey (OSU BS in Health Sciences)
Jennifer Bloomquist   (Otterbein College Undergraduate, BA in Community Health Education)
Joyce Balls (Univ of Toledo, Ph.D. in Health Education student)
Lisa Ambrosetti, U of Toledo, 
Erica Kachmar - Youngstown State University
Nichole Nichols, Sarah Nicole, Monica Roy
Julie Armstrong
Jayne Moreau
Ann Schroeder

2)    Travel Scholarships - for OSOPHE Members


As an organization, we encourage and support our members to continue their professional development, and to advocate for policy changes in public health.  


The Board will determine the total amount to allocate to the Travel Scholarship annually, and may deem it appropriate not to offer the scholarship based on the Chapter’s fiscal health. 


ADVOCACY EVENTS - During the 2016 year, the advocacy committee will offer, through the membership email listserv, mileage reimbursement for members who attend an established Ohio-based advocacy event.  Please direct questions to Advocacy Chair, Heather Vilvens.


NATIONAL SOPHE CONFERENCE - Ohio SOPHE members may apply for an Ohio SOPHE Conference Travel Scholarship to offset costs to attend the annual National SOPHE Conference. Members must submit a request in writing to the President, indicating the trip they would like to attend and how they intend to use the scholarship money. The maximum amount that can be requested is $500 annually. The request must be made at least 2 months in advance of the event. The Board must vote to approve the request and can decide to fund a portion of the request if appropriate. The member is responsible for submitting receipts to the Secretary for reimbursement. Questions?  Email OSOPHE President, Dan Davis, by clicking HERE