Salary $23.75 Hourly

Location Franklin County, OH

Job Type Full-Time, Permanent, Bargaining-Unit

Department Health

Job Number ODH-20013722-012517

Closing 2/7/2017 5:00 PM Eastern

Acts as a program consultant on a statewide basis for the Women's Health program: Assists Women's Health local project staff in assessing local needs for services and in planning programs to address those needs. Provides technical assistance to women's health, sexual assault, domestic violence, human trafficking, and trauma related projects for determining current trends and relevant topics to be addressed in educational programs; assists local project staff in developing and presenting education to promote women's health and to communicate and reduce health risks (e.g., working with women and girls to promote healthy conversations); provides resources (e.g., speakers, audio/visual aids, and written materials) on related issues for use by local agencies and educational materials.  Monitors and evaluates women's health projects through site visits, telephone contacts, and written evaluations for compliance with state plan, program standards, and grant funding and quality assurance. Assists program manager with planning and evaluation of program activities (e.g., trainings, development of educational materials).

Assists program manager in the development of program standards, guidelines, and policies related to women's health, violence prevention, and provision of services to survivors of violence and trauma in public health settings. Prepares and maintains required records and reports (e.g., women's health reports related Maternal and Child Health Block Grant strategies, bureau work plan).  Facilitates partnerships with other state agencies, state coalitions and/or local agencies to assess training needs, implement women's health promotion programs and develop and deliver training.

Reviews and approves contract invoices for administrator's signature (e.g., speaker's contract invoices for women's health conferences and symposiums, grant reviewers, panel members).  Develops new and revises existing service contracts for submission to the contract unit (e.g., contracts for speakers, advisers, and grant reviewers).  Reviews grant applications to determine appropriateness for funding (e.g., women's health, sexual assault crisis services, sexual violence prevention grants).  Schedules, coordinates and/or chairs grant review process. Works with unit staff to develop requests for proposals and grant announcement of availability of funds in coordination with the Office of Financial Affairs for the above referenced grants.  Recommends approval/disapproval of grant requests and budget revisions for local projects as referenced above.  Writes grant conditions for local project response and compliance.  Serves as consultant to local project grants.

Provides technical assistance to stakeholders (e.g., local health departments, public health professionals, community organizations that work with women and girls). Reviews and responds to complaints or inquiries from the public, health care, education and law enforcement professionals regarding women's health, sexual assault and domestic violence, human trafficking, and trauma issues to include program funding, goals and the development of state and local activities. Speaks at conferences and workshops on related issues (e.g., women's health, violence prevention and crisis services, trauma informed care). Conducts related research and literature reviews.  Attends seminars and conferences to remain current on areas of assigned responsibility and to acquire and expand skills.  Uses a personal computer (PC) to enter data, communicate via e-mail, retrieve and generate documents (e.g., reports, correspondence, program budget, seminar agendas, related materials and notices). Provides work direction and training to other employees (e.g., grant review, specific bureau work groups, special projects such as protocol development).   As assigned, serves as a member of a disaster recovery/business resumption team, incident response team, or similar public health response team which may include the conduct of operations on a 24/7 basis at remote locations.

Minimum Qualifications

Completion of graduate core coursework in public health, health care, health administration or related field; 6 mos. exp. in providing direct service &/or consultation in a public health, community health, hospital &/or clinic setting, to include exp. in program evaluation, grant review, developing & presenting training programs & in facilitating &/or working collaboratively with coalitions or groups; must be able to provide own transportation.

-Or completion of undergraduate core coursework in public health, health care, health administration or related field; 18 mos. exp. in providing direct service &/or consultation in a public health, community health, hospital &/or clinic setting, to include exp. in program evaluation, grant review, developing & presenting training programs & in facilitating &/or working collaboratively with coalitions or groups; must be able to provide own transportation.

-Or equivalent of Minimum Class Qualifications for Employment noted above.

Supplemental Information





Applications of those who meet the minimum qualifications will be further evaluated against the following criteria:  Graduate or advanced degree in public health, health care or health administration; Experience with women's health topics including women and chronic disease prevention, reproductive health and wellness, and trauma and violence prevention and services; Experience providing outreach to the public health professionals and the public; Experience providing consultation or technical assistance regarding provision of women's health services including sexual and intimate partner violence crisis services and prevention; Experience with programmatic and fiscal reviews of grant applications; Experience in preparing progress and activity reports; Experience in analyzing and interpreting programmatic and fiscal data; Experience in organizing and leading meetings; Experience working with computer software (e.g., Word, PowerPoint, Excel); Experience in preparing and delivering speeches, presentations and/or trainings before specialized audiences and the general public.  Your application must specifically address how you meet the above criteria through your experience, education, knowledge, skill and ability. 


All eligible applications shall be reviewed considering the following criteria: qualifications, experience, education, active disciplinary record, and work record.


The final candidate selected for this position will be required to undergo a criminal background check. Criminal convictions do not necessarily preclude an applicant from consideration for a position. An individual assessment of an applicant's prior criminal convictions will be made before excluding an applicant from consideration.




Official educational transcripts are required for all post-high school educational accomplishments, coursework or degrees claimed on the application. Applicants will be required to submit an official transcript prior to receiving a formal offer of employment. Failure to provide the transcript within 5 working days of being requested will cause the applicant to be eliminated from further consideration.


Please note that a transcript is considered "official" only if it is an original copy from the educational institution and includes an institutional watermark, ink stamp or embossed stamp. Transcripts printed from the institution's website will not be accepted. ODH reserves the right to assess the academic credibility of an educational entity's award of a putative degree.





All applicants must submit a completed Ohio Civil Service Application using the online Ohio Hiring Management System.  Paper applications will not be considered.  Applicants must clearly indicate how they meet the minimum qualifications and/or position specific minimum qualifications.  Applicants are also encouraged to document any experience, education and/or training related to the job duties above.  An assessment of these criteria may be conducted to determine the applicants who are interviewed. 


Please submit a separate application for each Position Number (PN) for which you are applying. It is understood that this vacancy posting will in no way replace the position description which remains the official document outlining the duties and responsibilities of the incumbent assigned to this position.